With more engineering and adjustments, this One Colour Spring-Loaded Printer comes with a fully adjustable printing unit that can be placed on a desk. The sturdy stand comes complete with dual springs to hold up the screen and an adjustable adult size T-shirt board.

The kit includes two A3 40 x 60 cm screens, a 12 cm, 24 cm and 32 cm squeegee (for different size prints), 250 g of tacky board glue, 4 x 1 kg water-based printing inks suitable for printing on white or light colour fabrics and 1 kg of Flexi Opaque White ink (for printing colour fabrics). Other features include height and screen angle adjustments.

Optional extras: Vacuum Board & vacuum pump (for paper or board printing), Cap Printer Attachment and Kids &/or Multi-purpose printing boards/palettes. Textile water-based printing inks need to be cured to make the prints colourfast.

Quote: One Colour Spring Loaded Deluxe Kit


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