1. There are two popular types of direct textile screen printing inks: Water-based and Plastisol inks.
  2. Water-based inks are cheap, easy to mix a Pantone colour, easy to clean up and easy to cure.
  3. Plastisol inks are more expensive, Pantone colours can be matched, take longer to clean up with Screenwash and cure quicker at a lower temperature.
  4. Decide which ink will give you the best result for the print job.
  5. Some people prefer water-based inks as they “stain” the fabric making it more durable when soaking overnight in detergent, hand rubbing the fabric together, hanging it out in the African sun for the whole day – the African way!
  6. Plastisol inks are great for fashion prints especially on dark fabric as Plastisol inks have high opacity / solid colours.
  7. Plastisol inks have a wide variety of speciality colours and special effects such a Puff, Metallic, High Gloss Clear, Pearlescent and Discharge (to name but a few).
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