1. Pad Printing, formerly known as Tampon Printing, is ideal for printing on products with irregular shapes. A great example is a golf ball with dimples!
  2. Pads come in different sizes, shapes and hardness to print the job.
  3. A “soft” pad is ideal then you need to wrap around a product (cylindrical) or get into recesses (such as dimples on a golf ball).
  4. All pads need a curve or radius as this will expel the air and avoid a vacuum from forming. If the pad is too flat you will create an effect like standing on chewing gum, stepping off it and creating strands from the floor to your shoe.
  5. There is a huge range of pad printing inks + hardeners + reducers to print on different surface and substrates.
  6. Ideal for printing promotional items, stationery, corporate gifts and dinnerware such as mugs, shot glasses and drinking glasses.
  7. Generally, pad printing is for small areas of print such as branding or decoration.
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