… the thicker the icing, the longer the cake will remain moist!

  1. When printing with water-based or solvent-based air-dry or catalysed inks it is very important to flood-coat the screen immediately after each print to avoid the image blocking up.
  2. Remember to place enough ink on the screen to achieve an “icing sugar thickness” of ink over the entire open image area on the screen. That is much more ink than you think!.
  3. Use the squeegee (or flood-coat bar on a pneumatic machine) to flood-coat the screen by rolling back the volume of ink, holding the squeegee 1 – 2 mm above the mesh. The gap = the thickness of the flood-coat.
  4. Ruling #1: The hotter the print-room studio the thicker the flood-coat needs to be to avoid ink drying in the open image between prints.
  5. Ruling #2: Opaque textile water-based inks need a thicker flood-coat than any other printing inks.
  6. Think of it this way – the thicker the icing on a cake the longer that cake will remain moist!
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